Clinical Research

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Are you interested in Clinical Research? RGA has established a new division, GI Research Partners, focused on advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.


Why Clinical Research?

Our goal is to participate in cutting-edge clinical trials and explore innovative treatments that may lead to improved health outcomes for patients like you. Without clinical trials, many of the medical treatments and cures we have today would not exist.


Is it Safe?

Your safety and well-being continue to remain our topmost priority. An Ethics Committee or Institutional Review Board reviews all research protocols thoroughly. We follow strict guidelines to ensure patient rights and safety are fully protected.


Why Should I join a Clinical Trial?

By participating in clinical research, you may have access to promising new treatments before they become widely available. You also have a chance to help find new or better ways to prevent, detect or treat health conditions.


The Choice is YOURS!

Taking part in clinical trials is voluntary and you can stop participation at any time. Feel free to discuss further questions or concerns with your provider at RGA.


How Do I Participate?

Want to learn more? There are several ways to contact us for more information:

  • Call GI Research Partners at (804) 330-0827 and press option 1;
  • Text the word “STUDY” to (804) 375-4961 to join our text notification system for study opportunities (SMS text rates may apply).

We hope to hear from you soon!